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About us

Following our studies at RWTH Aachen University and engagements at engineering consultants and institutes, we founded our company.

Krasenbrink + Bastians Ingenieure GmbH&Co.KG. specialises in lightweight structures, temporary demountable structures, membrane structures and exhibition structures. We also project more conventional structural designs with the same level of dedication and enthusiasm.

We can look back on more than 20 years of work experience, have a young, dynamic team, and accomplish challenging projects wordlwide.

As state-certified consultants for noise and thermal insulation our expertise extends the conventional range of structural engineering.

Wir blicken auf mehr als 20 Jahre Berufserfahrung zurück, haben ein junges, dynamisches Team & bearbeiten anspruchsvolle Projekte weltweit.

Als staatlich anerkannte Sachverständige für Schall- und Wärmeschutz gehen unsere Kompetenzen über die klassischen Ingenieuraufgaben hinaus.

We are members of our home state’s civil engineering chamber (Ingenieurkammer Bau NRW) and we are listed in the register of structural engineers operating nationwide.

Over the course of our professional careers we have established an extensive network of wind technology experts, test laboratories, university institutes and inspection engineers.

A close collaboration with inspection and certification companies (e.g. TÜV) enables us to support our customers in the best possible way.

For customised solutions we work closely with our partners at RWTH Aachen University. Where conventional approaches can’t get the job done, trial-based calculations and component tests lead the way.

We will actually find a solution to any problem.

You are not convinced?

Challenge us!

Yours sincerely, Stefan Krasenbrink & Frank Bastians


The versatility of construction materials, makes exhibition structures one of the most interesting areas of structural engineering.

Besides analysing existing structures, we can also help to develop and calculate new exhibition systems.

Structures consisting of steel, aluminium, wood, plastics and especially glass are in need of high demands on the planning process. The legal requirements for small structures in particular have increased significantly. Hence, seeking expert consultation is advisable.

Get in touch with us, we will be glad to assist you.

Our services for exhibition structures include:

  • Double stock stands
  • Exhibition structures / wall systems
  • Glass structures
  • Truss structures, ground-supported as well as suspended
  • Lighting rigs
  • Steel and wood structures
  • Indoor and outdoor structures

As opposed to classical structural engineering, event structures have to be lightweight and quick to assemble and dismantle.

We will ensure that your structure has an adequate stability and strength to resist all loads imposed. While doing so we will also identify and consider applicable local and international standards.

Aside from structural analysis, our range of services include a CAD drawing service for existing, as well as new structures.

For projects in the planning or tender phase, it is often advisable to obtain a static assessment. It will help to plan your project better and minimise risks. Spare yourself any needless surprises.

Whether it’s about trusses for an exhibition booth, or developing a staging platform system from scratch, no matter if they are large or small, we welcome your enquiries and will provide you a professional and reliable quote. Making promises is easy, let us proof our possibilities.

Our entertainment structures services include:

  • stage roofs
  • staging platforms
  • PA towers
  • ground supports
  • rigs
  • truss calculations
  • lighting poles
  • scaffolding structures
  • LAYHER structures
  • grandstands
  • membrane structures
  • climbing facilities
  • wire rope structures
  • LED walls
  • high rope courses
  • fly bars
  • theatre instrallations
  • crowd barriers
  • stands
  • flyware
  • LED frames
  • moveable walls
  • containers
  • trailers
  • tents

We consult on projects from all areas of structural engineering.

Our expertise ranges from minor structural extensions to the construction of apartment buildings, industrial facilities and halls.

Additionally, we – as state-approved consultants for noise and thermal insulation – are able to prepare the required building physic certificates.

We offer all service levels of the fee structure imposed on architects and engineers acting as public contractors (HOAI).

Our building construction services include:

  • wood construction
  • steel construction
  • glass construction
  • lightweight construction
  • reinforced concrete structures
  • foundation engineering
  • earthquake checks
  • building physic analyses



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